Chloe Jane Hambleton is an artist, dancer, filmmaker, choreographer, educator and digital media creator. The inspiration for Chloe's artistic work comes from her travels; the emotions felt, people met and places visited.             
Over the course of six residencies, Chloe has been developing her Place in [e]Motion Project; 
-Stage One was in her hometown (Brisbane, Australia) in May-June 2017, at House Conspiracy (Presented seven minute film). 
-Stage Two was in March 2018, at PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R., (Performed Solo Dance Piece),  Rota, Spain. 
-Stage Three was from April-June 2018, at TAKT KUNSTPROJEKTRAUM (Presented thirty minute film), Berlin, Germany. 
-Stage Four was from January - February 2019, at Studio Kura (Presented eleven minute film and photography), Fukuoka, Japan. 
-Stage Five was in May 2019, at the Fish Factory- Creative Centre, Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland, (Created eleven minute film). 
-Stage Six was in June 2019, at TAKT KUNSTPROJEKTRAUM, Berlin, Germany. 

From September- October 2019, Chloe undertook an eight week internship in Digital Marketing, Arts Management, Graphic and Product Design at TIFA Working Studios, Pune, India. In November 2018, her film [e]Motion.Berlin.2018 was featured in Dance Lab Nicosia’s Moving Images’ International Video Dance Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.  In October 2018, she was invited to create a new work for PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R.'s Fifth Anniversary exhibition, presented at ESPACIO PINEA Gallery, Rota, Spain.  
Since 2014, Chloe has taught dance to a wide range of ages across Brisbane, Australia and conducted a choreographic and movement workshop as part of her residency in Rota, Spain. She also works as an ESL Teacher. In July 2017, Chloe participated in classes and workshops at T.H.E. Contact Festival (Singapore). In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance), from the Queensland University of Technology. In 2013, she graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Art (Classical/Contemporary Dance), from the Australian Dance Performance Institute. 
She has performed at the Beijing Dance Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, Gallery of Modern Art (Brisbane) and participated as a choreographer and dancer at QL2 Dance's On Course (Canberra). In 2014, Chloe performed as a supporting cast member in Expressions Dance Company’s The Red Shoes. She has also attended secondments at Leigh Warren and Dancers (Adelaide), Australian Dance Theatre (Adelaide) and DanceNorth (Townsville). 
Chloe truly believes that the beauty of contemporary art is that it never stops revealing itself in new and exciting ways and teaching you about yourself and what you can do. 
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