During her three month residency with TAKT Berlin, Chloe created a 30 minute dance film -  
'[e]Motion. Berlin. 2018' 
This film was first presented at the Tapir Gallery, Berlin, Germany as part of TAKT's Summer Group Show- 'Something Lost', in June 2018. 
In November 2018, her film [e]Motion.Berlin.2018 was featured in Dance Lab Nicosia’s Moving Images’ International Video Dance Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Also during her time in Berlin, Chloe produced a photographic series and a Movement Language. 
'In search' 
One minute excerpt of '[e]Motion.Berlin.2018'

Still Shots from [e]Motion.Berlin.2018 (dance on film)
*All images and videos found on this site are intellectual property of Chloe Jane Hambleton and the programs these works were created at.

[e]Motion.Berlin.2018 Photographic Series 
Photographed and Edited by Chloe Jane Hambleton 
'Reluctance (I)'
'Reluctance (II)'
'Reluctance (III)'
'Resistance (I)'
'Resistance (II)'
'In search....'
'Movement Language'
TAKT Summer Group Show Poster (image by Donghwan Ko)

DanceLab Nicosia 4th Moving Images Video Dance Festival Poster
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