Stöðvarfjörður has a rather enchanted feel, like there could be fairies peering from behind a rock or running down the pebbled path just out of sight; but with the adult realisation of people of strength and commitment, who live in the harshest and equally most beautiful of places. Immensely real and genuine, but there is definitely something magical lying beneath the surface, or is it carried in the freezing winds or delivered in each perfectly unique snowflake.
“Believing in a world outside of our own expands the horizons of what our world can be”
(Pam Shaffer, BBC Travel, 2018).
This land is alive with possibilities - it’s brewing under the surface and swirling through the air.
I think there are fairies living here.... 
Two year old Chloe always knew for certain they were out there somewhere; searching beneath leaves and between flower petals. I guess I owe it to her to believe I have found them......
There are fairies living here.
It’s about holding onto that childhood sense of wonder; of honouring those limitless dreams where anything is possible.... 
Where fairies have created paths to lead you, 
castles can be built with rocks and pebbles, 
boats can float inside, 
snowflakes are jewellery from the sky, 
even though the wind is like ice you can play outside in your summer dress because it feels kind of fun and dangerous to do silly things like that, and you can dance anywhere 
and everywhere ........
Above images:
Stills from the dance film- 
Fjörður ; the world over there, over the mountain 

Location images-
Connection to Place 
All images taken and produced by Chloe Jane Hambleton​​​​​​​

Movement Language 
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